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Текст песни Aerosmith - Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man

Артист: Aerosmith
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Aerosmith - Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man


Ran with the wolf pack, flesh torn to shreds
In the compensations, I was left there for dead
Read it in the paper it ain't fair
You know who today don't seem to care
Livin', lovin', gettin' loose
Masturbatin' with a noose
Now someone's kickin' out the chair, yeah yeah yow
Some kind of voodoo
Come across this land
Some kind of voodoo
Voodoo medicine man
Everybody's lookin' at the sky
Don't believe the cover ups and lies, yeah
They been tellin' us since birth
Pissin' off old Mother Earth
My gones are bygones prophesied
Some kind of voodoo
Come across this land
Some kind of hoodoo
Voodoo medicine man
Get ready
Wonder should I go or should I stay
'Cause what we got ain't workin' anyway
I did my best, God knows I tried
I feel like I've been crucified
Why did you, why did you, why did you take it all away
Voodoo, voodoo, medicine man...



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