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Текст песни Arch Enemy - Silent Wars

Артист: Arch Enemy
Песня: Silent Wars  показать видеоклип
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Arch Enemy - Silent Wars


This is killing us
Fighting the truth a losing battle
We believe in nothing
Just hatred for each other

Tragic sinister serenade
Twisted melody shatters reality
Dying hopes for a better day
Fragile dreams that break away

No more No more This pain must end

We have chosen to suffer
Believe in nothing but

Hatred is a vicious circle
Betrayal is at hand
Paralysed souls bleeding
Begging for salvation
Deeper and deeper the wounds we cut
The truth burning our flesh
Silent war to set us free
Stigmata of a tragedy

No more No more this pain must end

We have chosen to suffer
Feeling nothing - But hate
It's eating us up from the inside
Taking our feelings away



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