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Текст песни Ariana Grande - Direct Contact

Артист: Ariana Grande
Песня: Direct Contact  показать видеоклип
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Ariana Grande - Direct Contact


If you were mine, boy!
There would no be no moon or sun, because I'm truly
In love with you and me and my girls don't know what-to-do oh oh oh

See it wasn't that cool, we was just chilin at the pool
And my homegirl said girl, is there any why we can for a twirl
But things got kinda heavy so we jumped into my new chevy and
That's when I seen the new boy from the team Hey, man it's me

Direct contact aint a thing I could do, I'm too shy but you make me wanna
Cry but that's not what I'm used too, if you were mine, boy! there would be
No moon or sun, because I'm truly in love with you and me and my girls don't
Know what-to-do oh oh oh, should I make contact?

No, don't do that
So I'll probably leave until my heart says I can't take no more, never felt
Like this before. Direct contact ah ah ah no more.



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