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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Get Ya Gun

Артист: Cam'Ron
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Cam'Ron - Get Ya Gun


And now a word from out local sponsor

(Beth Melillo Speaks)
Gun possession is a hazardous war affecting children in their homes and schools
Eight children a day die from a gunshot wound in the U.S.
A million violent gun crimes are committed by 18 to 20 year olds
with homicide being the leading cause of death
How is it possible that 200 million guns
are owned in the U.S. with only 80 million legal owners?
Until we do something, guns will continue to flood the streets
along with the consequences

DipSet, Please

(Verse 1)
That's my word word, I flip herb, birds
Coke, crack, dope, smack, ohh snap heard herb
Should talk in sign language, ya'll don't deserve words
I get my serve swerved, may leave 'em 1st 3rd
Stop lyin' lie for what
Steer a whip, drive it up, steer a brick, pie it up, supply the stuff, fly as fuck
Said word, word nigga
Just observe, I disturb from New Jerse to the curb, make 'em serve figures
Stop lyin', picture me poutin' dog could ya vision a fountain
Bad bitch switchin' and bouncin' (in what) in that Christian Louboutin
Word, on everything, on everything, you still in spinners
Know what I feel in the winter, 80 degrees deal with a winner
I know some rowdy rowdy niggaz that rock a Audi proudly
One thing bout me doubt me, bounty Saudi shout me
I'm sprayin it well, I'm playin the sell, 50 mill like David Chappelle
My paper propel, won't lay in a cell, you takin' a L

This is fun nigga (Fun), you should run nigga (Run)
Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya gun nigga (Gun)
This is fun nigga (Fun), you a dumb nigga (Dumb)
Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya gun nigga (Gun Nigga)
What let's go to the car, what let's go to the car
Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya gun nigga (Gun Nigga)
What let's go to the car, what let's go to the car
Get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya gun nigga (Gun Nigga)

(Beth Melillo Speaks)
Did you know that a 3 year old has the physical strength to shoot a gun?
Juvenile gun possession is a problem
If a child obtains an improperly stored gun
the adult owner is criminally liable (Killa)
The restrictions are endless

(Verse 2)
Yo, sell you crack for a dub (Dub), it's a package of love (its all love)
The car's far, I'm at the bar, got my gat in the club (poppin' Sizzurp)
And my ratchet is snub (snub), just for you actin' a thug (thug)
You will get smacked with some bub, I got my mask and my glove
Yup we wildin' again, the cops you dialin' again (what)
Guns matchin my jeans (what's that) I'm just stylin' my friend
I better get squashed (why)
When that telly is ready I medley a deadly a sauce
that'll petty a steady already get heavy and hard
And and, I got them mami's screamin' damnit man
Really damnit Cam, hand in hand to a Phantom tan (God Damn)
Pam pam man, no man or land could jam with me (nope)
Damn fam a jamboree, posse gangs and family (where we at)
In front of the corner store under the canopy
Chick wanna stand with me, she gotta drink a can of p (here drink this)
That's a pineapple soda (what's this) this a pineapple Rover
(What happened) don't sit on the hood, time after time I done told ya




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