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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Girls

Артист: Cam'Ron
Песня: Girls  показать видеоклип
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Cam'Ron - Girls


Dipset, shallowmain
Jim jones, santana, freaky
Lets go! what they want sing

[chorus (mona lisa)]
Girls just wanna have fun
(oh girls)
Girls just wanna have fun
(girls juss wanna have)

[verse 1]
Damn chump pass, he a dumb ass
Call J.R. (why?) get a fun pass
Yeah she come fast, so she leave quicker
Cause she cum fast then skeet skeet nigga (to the wall)
We be wit her, me, jim. zee, kidder
Then she wit flea flicker, don gg get her
P.e wit her, wee wee, eazy, ol me, ol g little me lick her
So she need liquor never seem sicker, nigga if rap was hash
She could beat twista
Had her alley to alley, hawai and maui, and cali the valley
Up in white lotus dog you might notice
That you type bogus me im quite focus
And hope is hopeless, dissapaer in the air hocus pocus


[verse 2]
Godamn we stuck like stuck-o
Cut low slut know here he come uh oh (uh oh)
Man see what the fighting do thats why im pipin' boo
Aint even like-a you, im exiting true
Just right i do, heals high, wheels fly, real fly, nikes are new (air 1's)
And a rightous view, from night to noon, day, hey play
Catch a flight for two (first class!) and u caught u a baller. baller!
Hawker, dog u a stalker! (stalker)
Upset cause what she was showin, awww man yo you aint even knowin
Ask questions in fear of hoein
Whatz that?, who you wit?, where you at?, where you goin?, (where you goin)
Where you goin, im flowin, she blowin, sky high like a boeing
Got pies like it snowin


[verse 3]
Females better twirl on yours, better curl on yours
Cause i swirl off shores (then what) come back to a pearl golf course (who you?)
Im corrupt, cause girls are whores, and the world is yours, honey sip sizurp hurl of course
And you know im in the buildin mister, wit the olsen twins, or the hilton sisters
And i haul em in to the hiltons mister
I milked them, i killed them, you quilt them, you missed her (missed her)
You held her, you kissed her
You felt all the blisters, melt on your whiskers

[chorus 2x]



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