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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Killa Cam - Roll That Skit

Артист: Cam'Ron
Песня: Killa Cam - Roll That Skit
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[Oprah Steve]
Killa Cam
Killa Cam
Killa Cam
Killa killa
Killa Cam


[verse 1]

With the goons I spy
Stay in tune with ma
She like damn
This the realest since kumbaya
Kumbyay killa Cam my lord
Still the man with pants
Scrill fam oh boy
They want neuter me
They want do to me
The hooligan in hoolahands
Maneuvering is nothin new to me
Doggy I'm from the land of crime
Pan pan gram or dime
Not toes or MC
When I say hammertime
Beef I'm hammer mine
When I get my hands on nines
If I had on bammerline
Cordourys Cam will shine
Canary burgundy
I call it lemon red
Yellow diamonds in my ear
Call 'em lemonheads
Lemonhead end up dead
Ice like guinea peg
Gemstones, Flintstones
You could say I'm friends with Fred
You want happy scrappy
I got pataki at me
Bitches say I'm tacky daddy
Range look like laffy taffy

[Oprah Steve]
Kill Cam
Killa Cam
Killa Cam
Killa killa
Killa Cam

I'm from where Nicky Barns got rich as fuck
Rich and Nay hit the kitchen, they were pitchin' up
Rob base mase doug e fresh switched it up
I do both who am I to fuck tradition up
So I parked in a tow-away zone
Chrome I dont care
I'll call it throwaway homes
Welcome to Harlem
Where you welcome to problems
Off a furlow fella fellas get parkings
Canabuy banks
Stand out like puty tanks
Soon as the studie sings
That when the tudy sing
Bang bang came from that movie rang
Snap crack jewelry bling
Flat jack who he bring
Clack clack cooley ring
Bad rap cuties claim
Ascap put em in the river
I'm the sushi king
And i'm keep it fresh
Let the fish eat ya flesh
Yes sir please confess
Just say he's the best

[Oprah Steve]
Kill Cam
Killa Cam
Killa Cam
Killa killa
Killa Cam

How dope is this
Teach you how to rope a chick
What you want
Coke or piff
I got it all smoke or sniff
And you know my drift
Used to figures doe and shit
You a roosted bitch
Just a roasted bitch
And I roast ya bitch
That how I usually am
Tell her and her groupie friends
Go get they gucci cleanse
We the moody gucci louie and pucci men
A skada prada
The chopper it got the uzi lens
Bird's eye view
The birds i knew
Flip birds
Birds gang
It was birds I flew
And word I flew
Or herb I grew
I would serve on stoops
Now it swerve in coupes

[Oprah Steve]
Kill Cam
Killa Cam
Killa Cam
Killa killa
Killa Cam



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