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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Lord You Know

Артист: Cam'Ron
Песня: Lord You Know  показать видеоклип
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Cam'Ron - Lord You Know


Okay, Dipset, Lets do it y'all

[Hook: Jahiem]
Now lord you know... just how hard i try,
to live my life, and get it rights
trying to see some light, or even better..
way over way a new day, someday
yesterday was filled with sorrow but tomorrow
it gets better I know, Tell you, I know

With my muscle you'll be dazzled, but hustlin's a hassle
Percuset, Demorel, capsules of paxil
cops wanna cuff you, niggas wanna clap you
bitches might burn you, they runnin' with that clap too
but the monster made it, do it for those incarcerated
who had it confiscated, hate it
when they take powder, up-state he take showers
baby mom on greyhound for eight hours
see her man face to face through a glass
on the phone, ten years he got chasin' that cash
and he had the game in a smash
fell like the towers when the planes went on crash
it wasn't 9/11, but it was 9-1-1
gave him 9 plus 1, dropped a dime on dun
i told him get his nine and run
turned himself in i had to find that dumb, that's too long.

[Hook: Jaheim]

Aye yo them niggas from the 3-2, said I can't breeze through
The fourty if I cop bottles, we can't believe you
Me who? please boo, landin' in that G2
Same color as beef stew, favorite letters: GQ
That's me, true. peach blue, hebrew
Lawyer on my side keep me out of jail the fee stoop, steep whoo
But it might lead to, that R2-D2, the mobsters creep through
We da new PE, shittin PU
To da hood y'all don't need me, I need you
Cause my mission's insane, you couldn't vision the pain
Always a snitch in the game, what you want, prison or fame?
Neither one dun, long as my digits are sane
He lookin' frigid, dig it make sure them digits get changed (why?)
Cause I can't be in hell's cell, shout out to Mell' Mel
Cash and hell rell, Zeke doin' three, he even fell, hell
He comin home a '07 and 12 cells (I got em')
Cause you musta known, i can't trust the phones
For the dough you'll be like d'oh, stuck at home

(Hook: Jaheim)

Nowadays dog they raid up in the ballparks
Blaze 'em when they cross sharks
We raiders of da lost ark
I'm like a ballplayer, shake up and cross narcs
They get mad when I lay up in the Porsche Box
More props, R.I.P. my poor pops
Can't see his son shine like the Four Tops
My antennas will block the scanners (what else?)
I got blammaz you'll drop ya hammers
Lawyers to watch lawyers, Cameras to watch cameras
Niggas to watch bitches, Nana to watch grandma
In pajamas I snuck out to watch santa
Now look at killa, you gon' watch santana

[Hook til ending]



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