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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Speakin In Tungs

Артист: Cam'Ron
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Cam'Ron - Speakin In Tungs


Who else gon' hold us down?
You In!

Say what? What you mean what you need ma?
Ya, you doing your thing ma
Ass crackin, seen outta your jeans ma
Let me place a single right in between ma
Ha, late nights, you could let em in
Tell a friend, tell a friend how much chedda spin
Most Definite
Whatever my crew at, it's most definite

You aint got no wings in me casa
Marciano hoppin out a benz like a mobster
Pasta, pellegrino penne a la vodka, lobster
Filipino talk it to me proper
Uh huh, whoa!
You go slom, it's your time (Slom!)
Throw your credits in the air and let that gold shine


Tell me something I wanna hear
Trish, coke and heels is nothing you wanna wear
Put your friend on she wanna stare
Chicks like airs every week I wanna pair
It's a family affair
Only the fam here
Whole Harlem uptown we stayin' here
Chrome bottles, bracelets and chandeliers
You know Vado ain't rich but damn near
(Hah)As long as his man Cam there,
They like Reema with Sam running the tan chairs
Like what you said there
Nuff talk with the g-4 on the land will




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