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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Stop-N-Go

Артист: Cam'Ron
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Cam'Ron - Stop-N-Go


[Cam'ron talking]
Dipset! Killa, in the building, want to welcome y'all back.
Diplomatic Imunnity 2.
You know a lot of shit been going on, a lot of niggas in Harlem running around snitching, but I'll holla.
Ya know what I mean... wit all that being said I want to give a shout out to all partners, Koch Records, Roc-A-Fella Records.
And my mutherfucking niggas down in sizzurp. Know we done smashed the whole muthafucking liquor game...I'll holla.
Dipset all day long, go get Jim Jones album in stores now. Freaky Zeeky hold ya head you already know what it is. Sarge hold ya head,
Purple Haze will be out this December 7th. Sorry for the delay, but it's business never personal. New people, new money, I had to get that check. So wit that being said, the team looking right and look like we ready to go.
Its all solidified.
Jim Jones, Rider of Riders, Santana, Human crack in the flesh.
My nigga Hell Rell is home. I just brought my niggas S.A.S over from London, 40 cal, Jha Jha what up ma.
I got Miami in the house and the Writer of Writers, J.R

[J.R Writer] {Cam Still Talking}
This is how we roll(roll)
{We about to set this shit off}
This is how we flow(flow)
Can they stop us no
Dipset stop and go
{Here we go Vol. 2}
Whoa(whoa), no(no), we don't stop we go!
Leave you like good-bye, Au revoir, Adios

This is how we roll(roll)
This is how we flow(flow)
Can they stop us no
Dipset stop and go
Whoa(whoa), no(no) we don't stop we go!
Leave you like good-bye, Au revoir, Adios

Yo, I'm just miraculous, accurate, that's the half of it.
The master, just so i can laugh at it show you just how a savage get.

Lets get this shit started, (uh), J.R Writer I'm in the building

Yo,yo,yo, From the baggage to baggages
Shook them baggages, had 'em lit
To me passing' them half a bricks
out the back of the Aqua whip(whoo)

Uh, I'm just getting warmed up, lets warm up, I'm still in my warm up suit y'all

Yo, that's how I had it locked
Through the bags on the baddest block
Newest Jag when I pass the cops
Who's as bad as a savage, ock(ock)

You niggas brag a lot, talking bout you brought raw
You see a ball hog, you ain't ever pass the rock
I still dip and dab, stick my hand in bigger bags
Link a gram or give 'em slabs, trips wit tans in gypsy cabs(out of town)

I be badder than Krueger, speeding rapid confuse ya
Keys back in from Cuba, Tea bags for the user
Relax your a loser, ease back or get fuller
These cats out the tula, Leaning back in Madulla
V's matching my mula, sleeves actually cooler
Wrists look like I been playing freeze tag wit the jeweler(whoa)
So I'm extra good, running through this reckless hood
I floor, slide off, never would these hefers could
Til' they seen me stun harder than I ever should
Now woody ain't the only bird pecking wood

[Chorus: x 2]

Yo, its a miracle snakes, how i skip through the states
And the crispiest Apes, all my whips up to date
See this pistol and 8, It'll sit you in space
You won't be able to sleep once i get you a wake

That's a funeral holla, get a funeral, holla
Necessary you'll get pretty at the funeral parlor
Roses, Dandelions, send a few to your father
We maneuver for dollars, in the newest impalas
Listen beat it I'm hot, every season I rock
Chinchilla filler leave you Niggaz to freeze on ya block

We don't believe that you pac, I'll put this eagle to pop
You'd rather cop the plea and go plead to the cops
And say shit like J, I don't need to be locked
The year, the week or a day, yeah i got a seed on the way

What? Stop crying, lets keep it moving

Sissy I'll let a rattle clap, 60 up in this bastard's cap
Dig me I'm what you rappers lack, sicker than all your battle raps
Slither up in the asta hatch, or watch young move
on junk food, Twinkies sit on the Cadillac
Shit I go glock for glock, lets see you dodge a shot
I get the hotties hot, just off my rocky rocks
Then make the goggles drop
Tyra Banks find the top models, shit I'm lookin for the models top

[Chorus: x 2]

Y'all niggas is feeble born, fiends i keep the heaters on
You get the easle drawn getting ya legal on
Chico glock cocked, pop goes the weasel's gone
Desert on my waist, I get my eagle on

Padico, e-hola, lethal lethal, ya peoples on
Donde viva, la vida loca, pop up like measles on em
Triple X sex, yes that Vin Diesel form
Send ten winds, we like the black beatles tour

I pick up the tools, lick up and hiccup you fools
We bitter and blicker wit blickers nigga you'll sit in the pool(not water)
Agua nada, you figure that my figures are cool
Change my clothes for what, I'll switch up my jewels
y'all sing sing sing, I'm from the sing sing bing

Right to the wing ding bing, onto the spring bling fling(oww)
Now its round one done, ding ding ding
Cash ching ching ching, call me the bling bling king
And I get fresh, shit yes, wrist blessed
Neclace, reckless, look like a piss test (all yellow)

What the fuck else i got to say(nothing). God damn 'B', I'm that nigga, Killa!
[Chorus: x 2]



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