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Текст песни Cam'Ron - The End Of The World

Артист: Cam'Ron
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Cam'Ron - The End Of The World


Intro: Cam'ron
Yeah Cam'ron Nigga
Untertainment Nigga
1 9 9 9 Nigga

Verse 1: Cam'ron
The end is comin' The End of the World
No use in niggaz Runnin' Niggaz stillgon get killed
Deep Impact in one hour Armageddon in the streets
Niggaz start to cower At these unbelievable feets
Them gunz can't protect you Put them f**kin' gernades down
Ain't nuthin' you can do, to protect ya home town
Try and hide - F**k it, You better start to pray
God shows mercy on ya punk ass, Forgets that your gay

Verse 2: Juggernaut
Iller Nigga, Juggernaut Nigga, Killer Nigga
From these Harlem World Streets
Niggaz step up to battle this
Niggaz can't sit down for weeks
See, I've been through, a whole lotta shit
Been wit Harlem World, No Limit, and the Cash MoneyClick
You remember me, from when ya mom died
Oh Shit, I forgot, I killed you, her, and stole ride
Now I role wit them Untertainment Niggaz,
Them Bigger Figgure Niggaz, The Do Or Die Niggaz
Spade, Dutch, Charli, Cam and The Cru
And now add on Juggernaut Too

Hook: Cam'ron, Spade, Juggernaut
It's The End of the World Nigga, Prepare To Die
It's The End of the World Nigga, You Can Run But You Can't Hide
It's The End of the World Nigga, Prepare for a Ride tothe Otherside

Verse 3: Dutch
Yeah Niggaz, Back Da F**k Up
Dutch, Spade, Jug, and Cam Bout to rip shit up
End of the World Comin', Ya outa f**kin' time
Stopthat Bumin', Commit ya last crime

Last Chance, You got any last worlds
Write them on a stone tablet, Use short Words
Don't F**kit up This Time, Smoke your last dime
Write ya last rhyme. You about to hear the chime
(Chime Sound) Oops, There it is
Yar outa f**kin' time (Explosion)

Verse 4: Spade
Royal Niggaz know whats best
I am royalty
I've got the crest tatooed on my chest
All the rest
Of you bitch ass niggaz and Hos
Grab your prized possesions
Have reconciliation with your foes
One last request
Is all your granted
Cause Untertainment comin' though
Like a big bad bandit
Cooperate, you'll di without pain
Give us problems yo
Ya'llniggaz gon Die Slow


Cam'ron Speech:
Ya'll niggaz never thought we'dmake it
Ya'll Niggaz waz wrong
Cause we here now in the 9-9
Cam'ron, Charli Baltimore, Juggernaut,
Spade and Dutch, and The rest of them undying niggaz
So whatcha back
We know where you live
We Know
We Know where you sleep
Rememeber That Shit
I'm Out



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