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Текст песни Cam'Ron - Voicemail (Interlude)

Артист: Cam'Ron
Песня: Voicemail (Interlude)  показать видеоклип
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Cam'Ron - Voicemail (Interlude)



You have a new message by Juelz Santana


Are you want to listen this?


OK then,
1st message
Friday, 12:27 A.M.

Yo Cam, it's Juelz
Listen, man, where you at?
I gotta call you six times
And the voicemail still on
So, I gotta leave this message
Listen, I gotta talk about your shit
"Killa Season" in the streets
Just talk about this shit
It's more important about this
I know, it's fucked this shit
Gotta prepare 18 tracks to this shit
And, you know, it's fucked
You know, bitch, I gotta talk with you
Can you taking a concert to this shit?
I hope not, this shit is really fucked
Like you kill your fuckin' ass
Don't rap drugs, violence and sex
It's going to smoking marijuana and alcohol
Don't take your ass at all America
Stay at your motherfuckin' studio
About your fuckin' shits at music stores
It's terrible, don't do it
You heard me, bitch

End of message
If you want to answer at this phone message, press 1

At the beep, please record your phone message

Yo Juelz, it's Cam
Listen, I gotta listen your phone message
And I'm fucked at this
Going to rap marijuana and drugs?
You are a dickhead, bitch
Don't say your shit
Or I going to tie you at the chair with scotch tape, bitch
You heard me
Gotta see you later
Don't miss it

To send the message, press 1

Message send, we thanks for calling you, goodbye



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