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Текст песни Cassidy - Monsta Muzik

Артист: Cassidy
Песня: Monsta Muzik  показать видеоклип
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Cassidy - Monsta Muzik


Seriously no one can compare to me
Niggas scared of me
I'm still ill I'm gon' need therapy 'cause lyrically I'ma
And I'm hot its not a conspiracy

My bars sick I could star in a horror flick I'ma
And all my bars hard as shit
I spit crack, if you hear me rap its gonna be hard to quit
I'ma hustla ain't no drug hard to flip

But in the hood they drugs hard to get, my strip got that
You a target you ain't hard to hit
I'll get you smoked like a jar of piff, my clip full of
And the Ferrari I can hardly fit

I'm in a truck that's Ferrari quick, that bitch is a..
Spend more dollars get more horsepower
I stay with the haze but I got the kush and some more sour
Comin' in a couple more hours, why not?

I buy dutches by the 55 box, I'ma
And you could always come to my block
We always open like IHOP, we trap like
And I don't think these guys hot

They cant look me in the eyes like cyclops
That's why they not
And your john is on my jock
I got her panties wet you cant find a dry spot

She let me squirt it in her face like eye drops



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