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Текст песни Cassie - Stray

Артист: Cassie
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Cassie - Stray


Say baby,
I know you can't help but think that im suspect
When i stay out all night
Real talk girl i know it might confuse you, yeah
And Lately
I'm a be honest
Though i know it might be over
I strayed and i can't lie
I know it's wrong but i still don't wanna lose ya, naw

Cuz i had something they wanted
You can't even blame me girl its hard to
Love you faithfully when they chasing me
Stunting the way that i do so,

You aint never gotta worry bout me creeping
Where i am at night secrets ill be keeping
Right up in your bed is the only place ill be sleeping
And this is why

I already did

And it wasn't good
Stripping on my clothes just as fast as i could
Remember all those nights you was missing yo huh
Didn't wanna stray but,
I already did
And it wasn't fun
Got it out my system now baby your the one
Just another night in the club with those chicks
Made me wanna stray but-

Let me tell you baby
If you think you so smooth, I already know bout what you did and what you gon do
You aint hiding shit from me you should know that
If you wanna dip on me baby go head
See, Coming back home to me
Cuz nobody else can put it down like me thats why you,
Hang on to me, hang on to me
Baby hang on



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