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Текст песни Cher - Games

Артист: Cher
Песня: Games  показать видеоклип
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Cher - Games


I know you're a gamester
I'm the queen of spades
A ruler of hearts
Clash at the moon
I take my trips right from the start
I'm a sucker for love
Joker running wild
My heart it can break
Ooh it can break
Frail as a child

Whatever it is, it is
Whatever will be, it's gonna be
Whoever you are, you are
But those games that you play
Don't cha play'em with me

You're a visionary dreamer
Fool in a state, takes of chance
Love is a hazard, ooh such a hazard
When you flirt with romance
It's like shootin' the dice
Flip a coin in the air
You running on luck
Odds are against you
You're not playing fair


Stacking a deck, dealing the cards
Watch what you take
Standing on love



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