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Текст песни Eminem & Rihanna - Cocaine

Артист: Eminem & Rihanna
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Eminem & Rihanna - Cocaine


[Alicia Keys]
...yeah I made it
I'm addicted

[Eminem - First Verse]
This was a beat with no words at first, it's a blank painting
Exercising my mind, it's brain strength training
Starts off with the pain
Going to lengths explaining
Myself to myself, but I ain't great at delaying
The temptation and lust, the sensation's a must
A combination of rush and not giving a !!
So I'm giving up

Back to cabinet, a couple pills
Take enough to chill and just feel like nothing's real
But satisfy my appetite, I feel like nothing will
So I take a couple more, why the !! not?
I up the thrill
Wearing nothing but a bathrobe, got my wallet and that's it
Now I'm driving a back road, you could call it a bad trip
Act cool but I'm nervous under the surface, swerving in both lanes
Is this !! worth it? This life is my cocaine



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