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Текст песни Eminem & Rihanna - Dear Marshall (Eminem's Mom)

Артист: Eminem & Rihanna
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Eminem & Rihanna - Dear Marshall (Eminem's Mom)


Dear *Marshall*,
I just wanna start out by saying
I still love you

Even when I was pregnant with you
it was very hard for me
so many times of torture was worth every minute of it
cuz when I looked in to those big blue eyes
this was the first time I had ever felt true love
in my whole life

we have a problem Marshall
the past two years..something really went wrong

I was so excited about your success yet so let down by your
playing the role of both mom and dad must of taken a toll on you
more than I ever imagined
*Marshall*, I did the best I could
I went without seeking half
it was wrong of me and I see it now as giving you everything
and never questioning anything you ever did
as you were perfect in my eyes
my unconditional love created a spoiled young man
an angry one too
now before god and everyone I must apologize cuz at the time
i thought it was the right thing to do
I'm tortured daily *Marshall* by people always asking me where
such an angry young man ....................
being the only role model in your life, of course they're gonna
blame me
the demeaning me needs to stop and I speak for lots of mothers
the words really hurt and they cut like a knife
but theres no way to mend a bleedin heart
if not for my friends who ave been there for me and yes
*Marshall* they really truly care
I pray some day your not going to be alone and you'll have friends like
me.....and they wont be there just for your fame
and no more attacks on me
and vicious acts of heat cuz it really hurts
will the real Marshall Mathers please stand up?
and take responsibility for his actions
and I'm gonna close this *Marsh* by saying
it's not too late for change
and always sincerely your only mother



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