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Текст песни Eminem & Rihanna - Outlet

Артист: Eminem & Rihanna
Песня: Outlet
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Nah man, not quite finished yet

You know what I think
You just trying to pull a motherfucking fast one I'm mad
You just hurt my god damn feelings and that was the last one I had
Does this look like an arcade tryna play games see this dull blade
See the silhouette of a stuck up in your walkway
Better cooperate
Or get sauteed on a rotisserie
Havin a hard time
MC's get so quiet that you can here a motherfucking dog whistle when I walk by
Cold heaters while a mule stuntin none of that it's like a fuckin fall guy
I don't cash my Mercedes at the midnight i treat it like i'm more black
Cause it will turn into a gremlin and run over kids women and men
That thing motor so big you could fit a midget in it's engine
Bitch give me them digits while you cringe
Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin
But I spin spin even ten cents on your sense
When did you think it's gonna cost me a pretty penny shit
If I think a penny's pretty
Just imagine how beautiful a quarter is to me
Eeny meeny miney mo catch an eskimo by his toe while he's tryna roll a snowball
But don't make him lose his cool if he hollers better let him go yo

Why can't we all go go

Come on baby get a move on like a u-haul
You can wrack your brain like a pool ball
You won't ever think of this shit
Yeah honey you call
Well here I come how it gonna be I reap it
Evil I see hear and speak it
Lady put your money on shady fuck that I'm the weak shit
Put your eggs in the run same basket you can count every motheruckin chickin fore it hatches
Cause you can be your ass that we gon get a crackin
Like the crack in the titans when when they clashin get your brains bashin so bad
You gon have kirk O'bane askin an autograph on a bloodstained napkin
Unfashionable about as rational as a rash in a fags asshole
Now let's take that line run it up it up the flagpole with elton
See it he's cool with it don't stand there and look stupid at me
Bitch I ain't in the mood for this shit
Kick my dick Google it till' it pops up

You always so motherfuckin full of shit it gets you stopped up
Man i'm always shittin dierreha out of the mouth till you speak this crap out
Girl you gotta hot butt like a lit cigarette
But gon get a hot fudge sundae from so do not
Struck my face slut because

Why can't we all go go

And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your bowels in an uproar
Imma show you why I came see so stop askin me what the fuck for
Now look you little slut cunt whore oh you want more
Bitch it's time to put the mad back in madness cause i'm a fuckin
Run boy
Every flow gotta last word so every last word that you fuckin fags heard
Come straight from the bitches ass yeah in other words imma bastard
Lookin at me like I kill kenny gas in the tank yeah still plenty
No morse over steel denny no remorse i don't really feel any
Eat your heart out hannibal understandable why you jealous fuckin animal
I got cannible magnetism can't resist him can you ho
Shady I don't understand your flow understand my flow bitch I flow like
Troy Polamalu's hair boy don't you dare try to follow a good bear boy
And raw you ain't even medium rare stay the fuck outta my hair boy
You can look
You can stare point
But you can't touch i'm too cool for you
I don't get it what's his hair boy all this weak shit what am I steroids
Well bitch i'm back with some shit for that ass
In your trunk elephant
Now remember boys

Why can't we all go go

Thank you for coming out
Hope your enjoying the show
Till next time



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