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Текст песни Evanescence - (Untitled Hidden Track)

Артист: Evanescence
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Evanescence - (Untitled Hidden Track)


"You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously you've forgotten it.
That's the way the human mind works.
Whenever something is too unpleasant,
Too shameful for us to entertain,
We reject it, We erase it from our memories.
But the answer is always there."

The pain that grips you,
The fear that binds you,
Releases life in me.
In our mutual shame we idolize,
To blind them from the truth,
That finds a way from who we are.
Please don't be afraid,
When the darkness fades away.
The dawn will break the silence,
Screaming in our hearts.
My love for you still grows.
This I do for you.
Before I try to fight the truth,
My final time.

"We're supposed to try and be real.
And I feel alone, and we're not together,
And that is real."

Can't wash it all away, can't wish it all away.
An't cry it all away, can't scratch it all away.

Lying beside you,
Listening to you breathe.
The life that flows inside of you,
Burns inside of me.
Hold and speak to me,
Of love without a sound.
Tell me you will live through this,
And I will die for you.
Cast me not away.
Say you'll be with me.
For I know I cannot bear it all alone.

"You're not alone, are you?"

Can't fight it all away, Can't hope it all away.
Can't scream it all away, It just won't fade away.

Can't wash it all away, can't wish it all away.
Can't cry it all away, Can't scratch it all away.

Can't fight it all away, can't hope it all away.
Can't scream it all away, ooh it all away.
Ooh it all away.

"But the answer is always there.
Nothing is ever really forgotten."

[Repeat: x5]
"Because I'm tired too."



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