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Текст песни Green Day - The Judges Daughter

Артист: Green Day
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Green Day - The Judges Daughter


Princess in a school girl's dream
May I please speak with you
I'm having troubles with control
And it's all because of you
Today I kept on falling down
I thought it was the street
So I look down at my shoes
They were on the wrong feet

I find it hard to be myself
(can you please explain)
I do not think it's my health
(you're the one to blame)
You're the one I wish I had
And now my girlfriend is getting mad
(I cannot call this sane)

Today as I was walking down
You bumped into me
You said, "excuse me" and walked away
As I dropped to my knees
I prayed to the being in the sky
That my parents told me of
I asked about you but no reply
No clues about your love
My girlfriend left me on the phone
I'm pathetically left here alone
(I cannot call this sane)

Can we find a way
So that you can stay
I think I'm gonna Pop



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