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Текст песни Hush - If I Was

Артист: Hush
Песня: If I Was  показать видеоклип
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Hush - If I Was


If I was like a rainy day
Then I would wash the dirt away
My clouds keep on raining, they're cleaning my floor
And I drip a drop, drip a drop
And shower the day more

And I make believe the pain will go away
If I only can imagine every minute
That a lovely, shining color will cover me some day
What if I started
I doubt my memory of it
I won't turn traitor, 'cause I'm Daddy's girl

If I was like a sunny day
Then I would shine bright on your way
My sun keeps on shining he's drying my floor
And I keep on, keep on, keep on
Embracing the day more

If I was like a rainy day



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