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Текст песни Ice Cube - Dinner With The CEO

Артист: Ice Cube
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Ice Cube - Dinner With The CEO


[CEO (Ice Cube):]
Awww, man, that song is GOOD! Hustle, what's up, man?
How ya doin', man? [claps] (What's happenin'?)
How you doin', man? (I'm aight!)
You find the restaurant aight? (Yeah, yeah! It's all good...)
Aww, man! You gonna love this place, man.
They got lobster... got steak... whatever you want.
You want a drink? Wants some to start with? (Uuhm...)
You want some Cristal? You want a 40-year old Cristal?
And the big butt over there at the bar? (Naah, I wanna talk about the contract since the...)
What contract? What're you talkin' about, man? (The...)
Let me ask you a question!
This contract lined with double platinum.
Do you understand what I'm talkin' about?
Your contract's, we got the lawyers handle on the contract.
Did the lawyer call you? (What about the... publishing the points?)
Publishing? What are you... Who's been talkin' to you, man?
You wanna talk about publishing...
You wanna be talkin' about havin' your own plane, baby!
Let me ask you a question!
Red or Black?



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