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Текст песни Imogen Heap - Candlelight

Артист: Imogen Heap
Песня: Candlelight  показать видеоклип
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Imogen Heap - Candlelight


I am alone, surrounded by
The colour blue
Inside a poem, the only
Words i ever knew
Washing my hands, of the
Many years untold
For now i am banned, my
Future is to unfold

Would you take my
Would you take my
Would you take
My candlelight
Away from me

I am blind
My eyes
For i have lied, now all
There is left for me
To do is hide
Take in a deep
Breath, i lift
My head
For i am a new man
And i arise from my bed

This is all there is, i can see that now
I have to be careful with it, now its been found
So fragile, but powerful, this is the light
Of my destiny stay with me, through every night



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