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Текст песни Кино - In Our Eyes

Артист: Кино
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Кино - In Our Eyes


Wait! Don't got away!
We've been waiting for summer but the winter came
We entered people's homes but it was snowing in there
Everyday we were waiting for tomorrow
We hide our eyes behind the blinds of our eyelids
In our eyes-hey, go ahead!
In our eyes-halt!
In our eyes-the birth of the day and the death of the fire
In our eyes-starry night
In our eyes-paradise lost
In our eyes-a closed door
Choosee what you want
We were thirsty-there was no water
We wanted some light-there was no star
We walked out into the rain and drank water from puddles
We wanted songs-there were no words
We wanted sleep-there were no dreams
We were mournful-the orchestra was celebrating victory



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