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Текст песни Ludacris - Look What I Got

Артист: Ludacris
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Ludacris - Look What I Got


Look what I got, got
Guap so my shit fresh out the lot
Hop Hop Hop Hop Hop out the drop I'm yellin look what I got

I'm a Trap Starr my pants saggin
Pistol Showin D-boy swaggin
So fresh I need a camera
So fresh Ima need some Magnums
Gotta magnum, in a magnum
7 4 5 wit a 4 5
Cool as ever but don't confuse I air this bitch out dey don't know I
They don't know I'm On g-row
They don't know I'm always on
It's 6 below I'm in the cold my top is droppin my heat is on
South side believe it homes
Diamonds on, you see em homes
You won't see D no Turn the Key Go to Tennessee That's beezys home
Brace yourself we takin off, Pistol Loaded my safety's off
Paint is wet, my leather's soft
And There's some Lames we'll take they salt
Costarr La nostra get closea see toastas we get dough like Oprah
It's PC it's ova


Teddy-two chains I got on 2 bracelets
Fresh off the lot you would think I was racin'
Pinky ring hi, at the bar wine tastin
I paint all my cars black you would think I was racist
A.T.L.A.N.T.A C.O. double L. E.G.E
Park my car in the valet my white T smells just like a P
When I say P I mean a pound when I say T I mean a town
So take these P's to the T Let's go in the key let's lock it down
See Kingpin's were my role models, Your TV was a floor model
Had a T.V in my impala with a few dollars new pralas
Deuce holla, we outtie, Niggas know we got it
We fresh off the block I'm goin Mazaradi shoppin

Chorus (x3)



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