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Текст песни Ludacris - Soul Bossa Nostra

Артист: Ludacris
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Ludacris - Soul Bossa Nostra


Yes sir,
See what we are about to do right now
I play Tribute to a livin' ledge
So I brought Naturally 7 to do it with me,
And I brought this, Rudy Currence
And me, I go by the name of Ludacris, right
And it's a lot of people out there claim that their voices
Let me know the truth, Bossa is back,
Let's go!

It's the black soul Bossa nostra, is back on
The truth so bossa is over
I hope you've taken notice
Because the truth, truth girl, is back on
It's always the new, it's always to the
Soul Bossa Nostra, is back on
The true Soul Bossa is over
I hope you've taken notice
Because the truth, truth girl,
It's always, it's always to the soul Bossa Nostra.

Hey, Luda, he like a with 'em
And they always exotic, erotic, come a group of three with â??em
I'm hot when I'm over seas with 'em
I should to breeze with 'em
Probably in Texas is coming even when he stay in bed
So even got the master table and we're breaking
All the steady box, but I tell them
They can come closer to Ludacris and his Godfather,
That's, yeah.


Keep in on with the
We try to
Just check
So let the groove set the moon yeah

Baby, I can do it too
Now Luda' let me through
I'm here to the between the and you
'Cause I told you, I told you
That I'm a Casanova
I'm 'a put that, and I'm put that
Stay face me like I'm in a uh
I'm gonna make it what you do, yeah


Keep in on with the
We try to
So let the groove in the moon yeah




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