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Текст песни Lupe Fiasco - No Scratches

Артист: Lupe Fiasco
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Lupe Fiasco - No Scratches


It’s for the love
Cause we love you so much
Keep it real
I don’t feel, feel love
You don’t feel what I feel so
It all started out

[Verse 1]
See first they had patience
And the nigga had energy
But not weak, he finna leave
Petal to the metal, you finna speed
You remind me of, a Magi
But off in the future, and what it’s finna be
All your memories can become enemies
So let’s intercede I know you in the seat
But let’s get outta there

[Hook 1: Nikki Jean & Lupe Fiasco]
But then that patience turned to waiting
And then that waitin’ turned to wasting my time, my time, my time
And then that wasting turned to hating
And then that hating got to racing
All around my mind, my mind, my mind

[Hook 2: Nikki Jean & Lupe Fiasco]
So before we hit a wall, heartbreak and it crashes
Just walk away no scratches

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
See first they had patience
But niggas start sick, niggas start gettin’ ill
Niggas got cold feet, niggas start gettin’ chills
Niggas start stayin’ home cause niggas start gettin’ bills
Buildin’ up an immunity
Niggas stopped getting’ hurt
Niggas relied on faith
Hopin’ niggas get healed is hopeless nigga, get real
But ah, get back on the pill
We in it for the feel
But even winners can [?] patience

[Hook 1] + [Hook 2] x2

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Mini-Bar raided, in the indy car faded
500 miles, it’s pretty far ain’t it?
But it’s a pretty car, ain’t it?
Pretty hard painted
But pretty darn dangerous
But we ain’t get the memo, hangin’ out the window
They don’t care no more
Tryna take his mini to a limo
Without a helmet then you can Thelma-it
Louis, Louise but we on the same thing
So I be James Dean
So your wreck and my wreck look like the same scene

[Hook 2]



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