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Текст песни Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana Script Of I Am Hannah Montana Here Me Croak

Артист: Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana Script Of I Am Hannah Montana Here Me Croak


Hannah: Thank you i love you too goodnight everybody!
crowd: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!!!
Hannah: You guys want more? Y'all are awesome I'll sing all night if you want lets kick it guys!
(I Got Nerve starts playing)
Jackson: You want some toast? I bet you do...
Robby: Please add some jam and butter too,
Jackson: Were out of grape so sad, it's all your fault you bad dad,
Robby: You know what son?
Jackson: Yeah dad?
Robby: You got nerve!
(Miley walks out)
Robby: There she is!six ancorres The voice that wouldn't stop!
Miley:(croaky) well they were such a great aud-. they were such a great aud-. Well this isn't good!
Robby: Here, try some of this.
(pours drink)
(Miley takes a sip)
Miley:(trying to sing) Life's what you make it! Help me!
(Miley over a humidifier)
Miley: Doe Ray Mi Fa Soooo...not working
Robby: And it won't work if you keep talking. You know honey this used to happen to me all the time when I was on tour the only thing that would help is when your Mama told me not to talk for a while
Miley: I can do that!
Robby: mile.
Miley: What?
Robby: you're talking.
Miley: Dang, oh, dang!
(Cover her mouth with arm)
Robby:there you go now listen keep it like that and were going to have to cancel the big concert on TV Saturday.

Jackson:thats a girl now if u need to say anything for the next couple of days just use that. Hannah Montana has never canceled a concert before and she is not about to start now.i no that would just break your heart and when your hearts breaks baby sis, so does mine.
Robby:(talking for Miley)you got a hot date for the concert don't you Jackson.
Robby:she wrote it!
Jackson: ugh i can't believe you think I'm that selfish that you'd put my own sis
Robby(interrupts):whats her name son?
Jackson:Jenni and shes a total babe.so put cork in it froggy i got a lot of riding on this.
Robby:ah ah ah use the pad
(Miley Hits Jackson with the writing pad)
Robby:couldn't have said it better myself.
Lilly:Miley i know you want to get better but sucking on those lolly pops isn't gonna do anything but rot your teeth.
Lilly:Miley release.Fine you leave me no choice ahh tickel tickel tickel.haa
Oliver:wow a week with out talking thats gotta be hard for a girl. not guys we are different. i don't need to talk. i could not to for a month wouldn't bother me. but girls just talk talk talk talk talk. hey sally nice capris oh i like your purse. Okay thats just rude.
Lilly:Miley i know this is gonna be hard but you gotta stop fighting it. And don't worry we are gonna be here for you until you get your voice back.
Guy: hey Lilly you wanna catch a few
Lilly:oh yeah. uh please.
Olvier:you know this is nice.Just sitting here enjoying the sun the beach thats the thing about nature that is just so quit and peace full.Its not like what u get in the city huhh ang ang weoweo pull the vechiel over pull
(Miley hitting her self)
Oliver yea drives me crazy to
Dex:hay oliver
oliver: what up Dex
Dex: babe you feeling better.great so maybe if your not busy Friday night we could to the movies or something
Oliver:i got this one for u .(speaking for Miley) in your dreams a Poindexter.(tells Miley)we are playing hard to get(Miley hit Oliver)
Oliver:ohhhch Okay what she meant was movie shmovie just plant one on her right now big boy!!ohcchhh will u make up your mind we're sending mix signels.



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