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Текст песни My Chemical Romance - Sleep

Артист: My Chemical Romance
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My Chemical Romance - Sleep


Some say, now suffer all the children
And walk away a savior,
Or a madman and polluted
From gutter institutions.
Don't you breathe for me,
Undeserving of your sympathy,
Cause there ain't no way that
I'm sorry for what I did.

And through it all
How could you cry for me?
Cause I don't feel bad about it.
So shut your eyes,
Kiss me goodbye,
And sleep.
Just sleep.

The hardest part is letting go of
Your dreams.

A drink for the horror that I'm in,
For the good guys, and the bad guys,
For the monsters that I've been.
Three cheers for tyranny,
Unapologetic apathy,
Cause there ain't no way that I'm coming back again.


The hardest parts
The awful things that I've seen.

Just sleep. [х6]

[Screaming:] Wake up!



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