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Текст песни Nelly - Gank

Артист: Nelly
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Nelly - Gank


Come on

Shit Lord have mercy

I never felt this way before
And she's all that I needed more
Her hips always belongs to me
It often makes me write on my dreams
If I knew there was only nine
She's still might be around because

I (I) can't go on
Oh no
I tell you what am I gonna do now (Hey)
Without her
My life just won't (it won't) be the same
I tell you what am I gonna do now (Hey)

Shit Lord have mercy

I never thought that I would be
So caught up I wouldn't see
Just who would go to war for me
And take out two or three so easily
I give up everything to see if I found you (baby girl)
Cause it don't mean shit without you cause


Shit Lord have mercy

I gave her everything she ever needed
That why it shocked me when she said she was leavin
I wanted to find out what was going cause
I'm thinking to myself miss something wrong
Smoking one day it hit me kinda fast
That I needed to check my stash

Cause I

[Chorus: x2]

Lord have mercy



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