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Текст песни P. Diddy - Diddy Boppin'

Артист: P. Diddy
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P. Diddy - Diddy Boppin'


Do the Diddy, do the Diddy bop
Do the Diddy, do the Diddy bop
Step on the scene the city stop
Watch me Diddy bop

Diddy, Diddy, do the Diddy, bop Diddy bop
Let my name diss around
Yeah Diddy bop, Diddy bop
Yeah, ughhwe, Diddy bopping

Niggas, yeah, I step on that dat scene
And get to dat Diddy bopping, bitch
Yeah, awuh, I get that Diddy bop
Getting money since I waz 13 year

I love wearin' Gucci and Louis Vuiton
Diddy bopping flyer than an Astin Martin
Yeah, come on, do da dittty Diddy, Diddy bop
Yeah, bust it hard, baby, yeah, Diddy bopping

Around the street all cool nigga ghetto
Yeah, we are fly as a bird no lie homie G
Yeah, straight up from the hood bitch ass
No one in the world can fuck wid us

So bring it on white boy you can get a hold
Of this dime piece yeah no way, mayne
Yeah, do it do it Diddy bop, yeah, do the Diddy
Do the Diddy bop, yeah, Diddy, Diddy, Diddy

Bop, bopping everywhere, yeo, yeah, I own this
Bring it nigga don't be hatin' on dis mayne right
Hur, yeah, no way fuck it, nigga, no way
You ain't messin' wit me tonight because I gotta do the

Diddy, Diddy do the Diddy, Diddy, bop, yeah
Do the Diddy, Diddy do the Diddy, Diddy do the
Diddy, Diddy bopping, yeah, the Diddy, Diddy
Do the Diddy bop, Diddy bopping



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