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Текст песни Pain - Juice/Square Pegs

Артист: Pain
Песня: Juice/Square Pegs  показать видеоклип
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Pain - Juice/Square Pegs


Oh yeah

Lately I've heard this song, you see, and it will not let me be. It's a measure or two with a hell of a groove but a lot of simplicity. It's the kind of song you want to write for your Mom. It's the kind of song that makes you hum for a while. It's the kind of a song that's kind of stupid and dumb. Just another tarnished diamond for the pile. And here I am...smashing square pegs into round holes. Here I am...weakening the whole. Square pegs, we'll knock all their blocks of this time with a hell of a melody rhyme, always keeping in mind that I'm, as square as they come, well that's fine. I'll spend all my money & time spinning wheels on an incline. Staying inside has got me doubting my mind and doing battle with the phantoms again. In the form of some notes I think a musical ghost is digging dead melodies in my head. I should be out in the sun, I should be having more fun. I should be drinking some beer, I should be reading somewhere. I should be seeing my wife instead of wasting my nights and from all that I hear I should be getting my hair cut but here I am...with 53 chords and broken horn lines but here I am...losing my mind (refrain)



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