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Текст песни Ray Charles - Hollywood Party

Артист: Ray Charles
Песня: Hollywood Party  показать видеоклип
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Ray Charles - Hollywood Party


Phone's busy!
We're dizzy!
It's that affair.
He's going!
She's going!
They're going there.
Put on your bib and tucker.
Put on your soup and fish.
I'm going!
You' re going!
This is our dish.

Hollywood Party!
Get up! Get out! Get in it!
Hollywood Party!
Nobody sleeps tonight.
Bring along your girl!
Go home with someone else's.
Forget about your girl.
She's gonna do all right.
We'll be kicking our heels up
Till the rooster is crowing.
Bring the automobiles up.
Ev'rybody is going.
Hollywood Party!
Going a mile a minute.
Hollywood Party!
Nobody sleeps tonight.



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