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Текст песни Rich Gang - Take Kare

Артист: Rich Gang
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Rich Gang - Take Kare


Young Thug:
Boolin' at the basketball game
Dressed in Balmain (Fresh)
Dropped a hundred on the whole thing
Inside cost a whole thing
And I'ma, give you my all, first my whole name
I'm in her mouth just like Colgate
I'm really feelin' super like, 8 (pyoo!)
Ay, hey, like or hate
Ladies man like bait
Hop inside a Bentley with a red paper plate
Every time they hate I throw them bands like a bouquet
I ain't Ray J but you can be my Kim K
Feelin' like Lil Flip, green on, like a cape
I'll never believe what Lil Kim say
Water like Phelps and you can jump in my lake
Running to my head like a deal in this league
Man, everywhere she go, she ballin'
Yeah she got xans, she like, "Where Tar at?"
She don't gangbang, she say she bang gangs
And she'll fight, might knock 'em out the ring
Out of cold Pepsi, she'll whip it like a waiter
I just wanna nut, she say that's easy like a baker
She just want a nigga, I don't serve but I love maple
And therefore she gon' watch me like cable

Take kare of her!
If I don't do nothin' in the world, swear to God I'll take kare of her
Take kare of lil mama, take kare of baby mama
Take kare of her
Take kare of her, take kare of her
Take kare of her

On a million, goin' to meet a billion
Brand new Bentley, you could keep the ceiling
Ooh! Take a trip to Peru, baby suck my dog like Snoop
Blood gang, big ups soo woo
Dinosaur bank roll, woo woo
H&M ballin', hundred ten
Throw my boy 6, bim bim
Baby keep that pussy
Baby keep that pussy clean trimmed
Bought a castle with my last deal
Boy don't talk about no fast deal
Lil nigga you laaaaaaaaate, okay
I'ma put the pedal to the race
I'ma pull the pedal, not the brake
Ice inside my ring, you can skate
Yeah this shit cold like a case
That a nigga went and snitched, dealing with
All these mothafuckin' bitches
I'm the shit, girl, I'm the shit
I'ma build a hole for a snitch, not a ditch, shit

Lil Wayne:
Mula, Mula

They be hatin' on my girl, though
And they wish they was the bitch they hatin'
Salutations to my old hoes
And thank you for your participation
No chaser for my girl though
She go harder than me on occasion
Gettin' wasted with my girl
Then we 69 'til we need ventilation
You don't know about it
Gotta open new accounts cause the others overcrowded
Gotta open up the stores when they're closed when we shoppin'
For my girl, wear the clothes that ain't nobody rockin'
She so bad, I don't know what to do with her
I know just what to do in her
Homies hit me up, they said they're goin' out tonight
I said I'm with my girl, tonight I can't fuck with you niggas
I'mma take kare of her



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