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Текст песни Snoop Dogg - We Came To Rock Ya Body

Артист: Snoop Dogg
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Snoop Dogg - We Came To Rock Ya Body


The 213
The 7 off 7
The 4 when the ride got off.
[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
It be the main did they
I'm bout to get in
Used to be situp, not Tito
Have a couple babies, now let her get up
If we prayed and respected by big and the little
Riddle by the stock exchange rockgame
Get close for a dose with the West-Coast chopgame
Nickie but don't cuttie
Only water in the clip for DPG I had to fuck with

Uhhh, Uhhh,
Follow that clap, we got dope in
My nigga Snoop got some hoes in
Uhhh, Uhhh,
Seen her for some black sauce in gripping secret
Can't wait till we get them butt naked
We act so bad up in the spot
Dre be overworked
Cocaine go bid your prize
Bitches pay the prize
Why in the hell are you so ignorant?
Why is your slang so a little?

[Chorus: x2]
We came to rock your body, rock your soul
We came to rock your body, rock your soul

(Yeah, and it's like that)
Menoles you can come from everywhere
I ya, gotta put these keys in a pot,
Boss playa, playa
Check this plot
Cause don't miss my whole act
Suga T paper, cause Suga T did that

It's so simple to make it happen
More paper to keep the scratch
Bin off the hurricane, chillin' and relaxin'
Till the shit
I'll keep it bumpin' and humpin' just like a droptop
Will it ever quit, will it ever stop
For reward in the jet shot sugar Dogg Pound
Can make it with my homie
Get you bleed into Oaktown
Cause I get sick with it
And they don't why
Cause I get sick with it
Because they singin' for fly (Word)

A lot of Niggas they know it
The Niggas got big respect
It ain't till the tape in your deck
Cause the Nigga that pops
Till the Nigga can't pop no mo'
Straight herbin' on the Indo
From my hood to yo hood
Ain't lettin bustas figure up
If y'all Niggas strap I'm your plug
The call me D-Shot, the shot taller,
A.k.a. livin' in the boss baller


I'm all original base
Pore last Detroit
Still get decisions
Then I flip from Troy
Hit the brownie tracks
Smokes big with feds
Low in hell stoke
Got a game in back
See I'm in with Bin and lil' Joe be caught
But I'm about to make me (?)
I hit 'em five times make her feel comfort
Took her to the mall then she robbed and sorted

One day, I was sippin' through the hood
I did all my homies
And it was all turned good
I'm Kurupt, to have bitch really cold chillin'
Blue from the forts that soon, straight dealin'
With so much cash, it's seen funny
Been there and done it
Everything you see and ever wanted
I'm Kurupt, peace me up a piece of the pie
We can try to make it right and the pimps to ride
Who's the man, (?)
With my suave, the world wide homicidal plan
Too many stressed in here I'm bout to touch my loot
The fucking dogg on where the only things to own and shoot
And he's a dogg and the room is wet
And the Nigga like me tired in worst day
I be rhymin' to fuck a mic since the first day
My eyes open wide I finally realize it's the way to get paid

[Chorus x2]



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