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Текст песни Snoop Dogg - World Class

Артист: Snoop Dogg
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Snoop Dogg - World Class


I'm not trying to be right try to be wrong
I'm just try to make it out here on my own
I said I do a lot of things but I probably never change
I'm not trying to be right try to be wrong
I just try to make it on my own
I said I do a lot of things but I probably be the same

Every time I try to get my life to get to someone it seems
What you are doing try to ruin my hopes and my dreams
Push away and always go get away
Keep some grams in my pants have a hit a day
Am I wrong am I right
Do I care living life
On my own papa's home what am I feeling like
Musician premonition what you call it...
Do your thing with... back upon it
Lucky... oh how I used to be I am probably the same way cook
As I will probably keep the g secretly you all are backing with me
So we... expecting to get their photo come back stage and hit my...
Cool individual I am never too good... is from hood
Never from hollywood


Growing up I don't know as much
I was too busy chasing money and all the stuff till I was old enough
Getting every dollar before... so they could know it's us
Every party we are showing up bagging full of... never too long nigger
Matter of fact you can have it the one in rotation my motivation is savage
... and nigger think they are but they ain't no comparing
And they are not doing no harm but I think there is no comparing
I keep making deposits and no way no interference
I am your broadcast I just... just smell... when I go past
... I am kind of hot but you should know that




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