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Текст песни Snoop Dogg - Wwiii

Артист: Snoop Dogg
Песня: Wwiii  показать видеоклип
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Snoop Dogg - Wwiii


Ruff Ryders (ruff ryders)
Ryde or die, volume 2

It's over...
(laughing)It's the second time around mutherfucker (yeah)
Volume 2, ryde or die, bitch
Gangsta nigga
And we gonna rock this motherfucker, you dig me (for sure baby)
We done square rooted the motherfucking streets (for sure baby)
Double are, you cock sucking sons of bitches (yeah)

State your name gangsta
Big Snoop dogg (bow wow)
Who ya representin
West coast
You gonna hold it down
Please believe nigga
Enough said then nigga

Let's make this official
Shine your boots and load your pistols
Pull out your best crudentials
'cause this'll, be the official for the fake tissue
Doggy dogg and big Swizz'll, nigga blow the whistle
Smoke it on some bomb beat and second hand smoke will get ya, hit ya
And make ya all get the picture
Dig this, when was the last time you seen me
Posted up, west coasted up and sippin on some green meat
Believe me, it ain't easy being D'zy
With these jealous rap niggas and these punk ass freezies (fuck em)
Man, I couldn't remember what they told me
When I first came in the game, but things done changed
Call it what you want it, keep the heat up on it
Eastside California, spinnin like a 'tona
Banging on the corner, like a 'sona
It be best to back up off a boy and put this up on ya

State your name youngster
Yung Wun
Where you representing
A-T-L, shorty
You gonna hold it down
Damn right
Well, enough said then
It's up, man nigga tell ya something

Shorty pop a lot, acting like he got a lot
With all that fake ice on his watch, this nigga want to get got
Coming to my city with all that hot shit and his



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