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Текст песни The Fall Of Troy - Nobody's Perfect

Артист: The Fall Of Troy
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The Fall Of Troy - Nobody's Perfect


If you want me,
you can call me,
every day and every night,
say you miss me,
I'll stay by your side.
If you need me,
please believe that everything will be alright.
It's so misleading,
but love gets lost in time...

Keep movin'.
If all the stupid lies come out,
scream and shout.
Keep losin'.
If all your friends are enemies,
just say please...

And if it's easy,
if it's easier for you,
pretend it's true.
Just tell yourself that,
tell yourself that I never,
never loved you anyway?

Well isn't this just odd,
isn't this just perfect?
After all this shit,
I'm left here contradicting myself again...

Everything you said to me,
is dead and done and now you'll see,
that some things just aren't meant to be.
Some things aren't reality...
Half the time you're full of doubt,
half the time you sleep around
And most the time you drink too much,
and say things you don't mean... you slut!

But nobody's perfect!
Nobody's perfect, right!?



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