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Текст песни The Rasmus - Jailer

Артист: The Rasmus
Песня: Jailer  показать видеоклип
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The Rasmus - Jailer


Would you please, would you please help me mr. Jailer
I better get out of this place and soon.
Don't know how to sleep at night, yeah you say it's alright, but it's
No no no.
You know, I'm a little bit scared yo!
Well it's a fact, well it's a real fact, that just about every guy in
this prison hates me,
c'mon give me the key set me free, set me free,
you know me, you know me, haa!
You don't have to be sorry, you just listen to my story.
I would never hurt ya, I would never touch ya, with my finger.
I will leave your family alone, I will never pull a dog's tail,
I will never come back.

(I'm not fine!)
Are you ever gonna feel like me?

Imagine yourself in this cell, in this situation.
You don't care, you don't see things
How would you react, if you were me?
would you like to be free, hey, you have got a key to the lock of my
Together, we can make things better,
if you wanna do something good, let me go back to the hood,
with my men. Oh god! that I miss them.
I'll get back to the picture,
see my homies again, I'll be good by my nature.
Please mr. Jailer, mr. Failure whatever aaa...



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