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Текст песни The Rasmus - Rakkauslaulu/en

Артист: The Rasmus
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The Rasmus - Rakkauslaulu/en


You've never said to me 'Darling'
You've never said that you care
You know that I like you
And you can come to me whenever you want
(Alt. translation for this line is: If there's anything I can do for you)

I thought I had found my own Sweetheart
I whispered in your ear, 'Hey, My Love'
You said to me, 'Hey, Pauri my friend'
You looked into my eyes and showed this.

I've never said anything bad to you, only good
We've never even argued (Alt. trans: Fought)
I'd like to mean more to you
You know, don't you, that I care about you..



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