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Текст песни Timbaland - Wait A Minute

Артист: Timbaland
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Timbaland - Wait A Minute


Everybody listen all over the world
I got a story 'bout my favorite girl
(Wait a minute)

Oh, my baby sexy for sure
I had to have him when he walked through the door
(Wait a minute)

She was 'bout to drive me insane
She comes with drama while I'm giving her chains
(Wait a minute)

I'm focused, but I'm losing control
He only wants me for my body zone
(Wait a minute)

Girl, why you do me like that?
You take all my money
Can't even call a player back
(Wait a minute)
Boy, why you tripping like that?
You think 'cause you tricking you get it just like that?
(Wait a minute)

Minding my business
I was doing my dance
Got my attention, so I gave him a chance
(Wait a minute)
Did I mention he was buying a bar?
Gave him my number
He was trying so hard
(Wait a minute)
Bought me some things I didn't want, didn't need
Dropped down his jeans like I'm supposed to drop to my knees
(Wait a minute)
He been blowing up my phone like he know me
Been leaving messages (You know what you owe me)
(Wait a minute)

[Chorus x 2]

What is your problem, daddy?
Slow your roll
Who you think you jiving?
You're disturbing my flow
(Wait a minute)
Why you be bugging
Like I'm some kind of ho?
Got no more questions, and I want you to go
So break

Hey, let me talk to you for a minute
Shut up
Shut up

I love the way you strut
Girl, you already know
But I'm feeling like you don't want me
You just after my dough

Baby, please, I'm fine
I'm not one of these hos
Chasing dreams and diamond rings
So don't call me no more
(Wait a minute)

[Chorus x 2]

See, I don't want your money
Yeah, I've seen you rolling up here
In your Cadillac
But I don't need all that
It is a nice color though
(Wait a minute)

What they call you, Mr.?
Tin man or something?
See, I don't want your cars
I don't want your jewelery
You can't buy this
So you can keep that
Wait a minute
Uh yeah, you can give me that back



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