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Текст песни Zdob Si Zdub - Basta Mafia

Артист: Zdob Si Zdub
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Zdob Si Zdub - Basta Mafia


when the wall came to an end
then east and west said let’s be friends
the highest satisfaction was found in a
of singing all along to the money song

many people gave their life
for the values aimed so high
but some still love guns, it’s easier to win
it’s easier to move in the gangster’s skin

in the street kids move off beat
in the fields the crowd proceeds
Basta Mafia they all shout
get out get out get out! Run them out
Basta Mafia

you will hear a siren sound
when the big man comes downtown
a limo waits to take him with girls just for fun
they love his big wallet they love his big gun

he sells the pressure. He sells the booze
and your life he can sell, too
he's got their protection no m atter what he
he bought the politician
gave your values to the dogs


and the west wind feels so cold
because they’ve put freedom on hold
it’s time for everyone to scream
don’t give up on our true dream



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